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    Yatton People

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    To give the 14,000 people living and working in Clavererham, Cleeve, Congresbury and Yatton an online voice at part of the Local People social media network.

    Created at 09:29 on 11/04/11



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    After the show - your words and thoughts about am dram theatre in area

    Created at 12:02 on 13/05/10


    National Trust

    18 members

    News from Tyntesfield and Clevedon Court for residents and visitors to the area to enjoy

    Created at 07:51 on 05/05/10



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    Whatever your beliefs this group is for you whether you go to church on choose to worship you God in other ways

    Created at 09:01 on 25/04/10



    69 members

    What's On when and where in the Nailsea area, music, dance, street scene, it is all here

    Created at 12:56 on 24/04/10


    General Election 2010

    3 members

    This GE will be the first time Nailsea people will be voting for an MP to represent North Somerset as the old constituency of Woodspring is abolished.

    Created at 15:03 on 13/03/10



    12 members

    Police, Neighbourhood Watch, PACT and community events to raise awareness of crime prevention

    Created at 19:01 on 03/02/10


    NHS and health

    18 members

    Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other alternative practioners - including hospital issues

    Created at 16:31 on 02/02/10


    Nailsea Transport

    22 members

    For timetables, traffic, ticket and tide time information. For motorway hold-ups and local roadworks.

    Created at 10:01 on 23/01/10



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    All the news from our MP, the different parties and district councillors

    Created at 12:40 on 20/01/10

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Carol Deacon

Why I like Nailsea

I have lived in Nailsea for more than 30 years - arriving in my late 20s with my husband from London. We were the only people we know to love the rusty old sculpture in the town centre and the Queens Road wasn't built. We love the low crime rate, sense of community and acceptance by the villagers of the incomers. The schools are fantastic and so is the Courtyard wine bar!

Why I don't like Nailsea

A bigger range of shops and less moaning by the inhabitants would be great - in fact I don't think many of them have 'had it so good' but they don't appreciate the town. More reasoned debate on the future of the town and less kneejerk reactions to issues would be good. Oh! and to finish less politics on local councils and more purpose. Wraxall Parish Council is my favourite full of intelligent, caring councillors.


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