Fire extinguishers; a small price to pay for the safety of your family and home

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A fire is the cause of a chemical reaction between heat, oxygen and fuel. Fires can be severe, whether started by accident, a deliberate ignition or equipment failure and damage can be limited with the use of the right extinguisher.

For workplaces in the United Kingdom it is compulsory to supply a fire extinguisher to deal with the potential risks the environment has to offer. It is important to deal with a fire as quick as possible as it is not just the flames that can kill. Smoke and toxic gases can have devastating effects. In fact the most common cause of death related to fire is carbon monoxide poisoning however the burns caused can be devastating while smoke can affect vision and breathing as fires rage through houses and buildings creating catastrophic structural damage.

Different types of fire

It is important to be aware of the different types of fire as they require different types of extinguisher. Class A is used to describe a solid fire; this could be a fire fuelled by wood, paper or plastics. The most common used extinguisher on a Class A fire is a water extinguisher. Foam extinguishers can also be used on a solid fire but are a little more expensive. However, they are more versatile option as they can also be used on a Class B fire; one that contains flammable liquids such as acetone, diesel, petrol, or ethanol.

Class C fires host flammable gases, for example butane, ethane or methane. When dealing with a flammable gas fire it is important to eliminate the source. Dry powder extinguishers are excellent for dealing with Class A, B and C fires.

Electrical fires come under Class E and a CO2 fire extinguisher will be required. If a fire starts in your kitchen it may have been caused by overheating oils or fats: a Class F fire. It is important that these household fires are not treated with water; instead a wet chemical extinguisher should be used or a fire blanket.

Buying extinguishers

All extinguishers are coded and new units should comply with laws surrounding their manufacture. The base colour should be red with 5% of the external container colour coded via bands found at the top of the extinguisher. The key for these are as follows:

  • Water: red
  • Foam: cream
  • Dry powder: blue
  • CO2: black
  • Vaporising liquids (for use on live electrical fires): green
  • Wet chemical: yellow

Buying fire extinguishers

Either at home or in the office, it is vital that you invest in the appropriate fire extinguishers to respond to any fire treats you might encounter. Sufficient fire training should also be undertaken and even domestic homes should regularly practice fire drills which help all members of the family know what to do in the event of a fire.

With fire prevention imperative to many households and industries today, precautions are available at an affordable price. Cheap Extinguishers is a great site to visit, offering plenty of reasonably priced extinguishers which promote good fire safety in a range of environments.



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