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Quick Call Dave were super and really helped me with my Apples! He knows his Microsoft too...

Quick Call Dave helped me convert from a personal lap top with a broadband dongle and set up my home office room with an iMac, back-up, and wireless printer, he fitted a wireless Apple TV box to my TV in my lounge, and set me up with a mini iPad and iPhone for my mobile IT needs. His advice was very good and the complete set up was quick and it all worked straight away. He then trained me and helped me get used to my new kit, He also helped me with some data transfers. Quick Call Dave provided a timely and tailored service to my needs and I would commend him to you. When I need some more advice and help with setting myself up as a small business I will definitely use Quick Call Dave again.

By Orangery at 08:02 on 15/06/13

  • Microsoft Windows, slowing down?
  • Virus, Malware or Email problems?
  • New PC & Mac - move your data over?
  • Apple certified support consultant?
  • Slow broadband driving you nuts?
  • Certified I.T. support - everytime!

Quick Call Dave offer professional PC and laptop repairs throughout Clevedon, Portishead and Nailsea.Part of the Microsoft Partner Network, and member of the Apple Consultant's Network, you can be sure that you are receiving a professional and experienced service. We are about providing a full and complete 'in your home' support package. Whilst we are highly qualified and experienced, our prices reflect great value. We would never charge if we are unable to fix a problem. We're that confident we can help resolve your problem whether Apple, Microsoft or generally I.T. related. Quick Call Dave is operated by Dave Stevenson, an Apple Certified Professional, along with colleagues Mark and James who are also highly experienced within the industry. We are able to deal with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems, solving problems ranging from slow running systems to memory upgrades and hardware repairs. We will even discuss broadband problems with your provider to help communicate and resolve slow network issues. Computer and PC repairs, laptop repairs, Apple Mac service, in my home? Our computer repair engineers provide a highly personalised service that is both reliable and trustworthy. Due to our expertise we are able to work with both domestic and commercial clients effectively. Apple Mac users can commonly mistake malicious software for viruses, installing programmes by mistake that can corrupt the computer. We are able to deal with these issues quickly and effectively. We're also able to integrate Macs to work over a Windows network – a common problem within offices. In addition to our repair services for PC's and Laptops, we also help customers move to a new computer, PC or Mac - we install their favorite software and move all their data. If required, we can recycle the old computer. We make the move to a new computer stress free. Before forming Quick Call Dave in 2011, Mark and Dave worked with Amazon.com as senior software engineers for the IMDb.com movie website. James worked for many years in the finance and computer security sectors. Together they have a combined 50 years senior corporate I.T professional experience. This wealth of experience is now available to local people at an affordable price. Professional, qualified, insured and great value service...what are you waiting for? Call Dave on 01275 400 499 today. Quick Call Dave Ltd, Co no. 7531812 \ On a weekly basis, we resolve the following kinds of problems. 1. Malware

2. Apple iMac not starting

3. Provide advice on replacement computer, arrange installation including moving data from old computer to new. Include training in Windows 8.

4. Windows XP new keyboard not working

5. Broadband very poor, negotiate with TalkTalk and resolve

6. Quarterly health check on a bunch of PC's

7. Install and upgrade a 5yr old MacBook

8. Install Epson Airprinter so iPad's and iPhone's can print


9 Reviews of Quick Call Dave (Computer Repairs)

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    Efficient, prompt and trustworthy repairs


    Thank you David for sorting out my PC and for the extremely good prompt and effective computer repair service provided. You took great care not only to do the repair efficiently and quickly (I had had a few problems with the PC) but also, advice on using it effectively as I am an older person and self taught re: computers .

    I can most certainly recommend 'Quick Call Services' to anyone needing efficient, prompt and trustworthy repairs and advice/learning services.

    Pat S (by email 15-04)

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    Dave's IT support on the doorstep


    Many thanks for upgrading my computer recently, within a timescale I could easily manage and even picking it up. It makes a huge difference anxious knowing that I have Dave's IT support on the doorstep. (by email 10-06)

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    Satisfaction guaranteed


    2 call outs plus a back up purchase and instruction. Satisfaction seems to be guaranteed, will call again. (by email 20-06)

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    I would highly recommend him!


    David did a great job of setting up my new Mac and router. As i'm new
    to Apple he taught me a few basics to get me up and running.
    He was a total professional, knew what he was talking about and
    explained everything clearly.
    I would highly recommend him.
    Lyn, Yatton

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    Knowledgeable, efficient and personable...


    Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf and that of my ‘fried PC’!!!!

    You made the transition from Windows and the steam driven tower to my rather delicious Mac book, very believable.

    I do love my new toy but I do acknowledge that I need more time to hone my skills, but I am doing just fine.

    You are knowledgeable, efficient and personable to ‘dummies’ like me. I thank you.

    Kind regards

    Jenny W, Portishead
    (by email 24-05-2014)

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    Professional and knows what his talking about...


    David is a very professional person with outstanding knowledge and ability on computer software.

    If things don’t always go right first time when transferring data from an old computer, David sorts the problem out in No time.

    He has a very pleasant manner in explaining how to work the new computer and nothing is too much trouble when explaining things,

    For instance David installed my Group Names in my Address Book, this would have been too difficult for me until I was used to the new format.

    Excellent job and reliable. I know who to contact if I need anymore help.

    Mel M, Nailsea
    (by email, 16-06-2014)

  • Profile image for Frankie1

    Laptop repair and new laptop install.


    I found both of your visits extremely useful, helpful and not intimidating in any way.

    You made every effort to understand MY needs and to find a solution that met them in the most cost effective way.

    When it was clear it was no longer viable to repair my laptop you helped me select the best laptop for me and even ordered (John Lewis) it for me as my pc wouldn't work. I also appreciate that you made the effort to work at the weekend so I could be up and running as soon as possible.

    You also explained what you were doing in 'simple' terms and did not leave until you were confident that I could operate the new system.

    I thank you very much and will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues.

    By Frankie1 at 23:50 on 11/06/13

  • Profile image for APerry

    My computer will not start - blank screen!


    Just to say a BIG thank you for sorting out my monitor. I was most impressed how you diagnosed the fault and going the extra mile to collect a new monitor and set it all up. Your work was excellent. To fix a problem so efficiently on my computer and the way you went about it showed me what a knowledgeable person you are and I have no hesitation in contacting you in the future and will recommend you to my friends. Kind regards

    By APerry at 14:57 on 02/06/13


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