Young cyclist hit on Nailsea pedestrian crossing at supermarket entrance by hit-and-run driver

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By Carol_Deacon | Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 15:55

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 16-year-old cyclist was the victim of a hit-and-run driver on a pedestrian crossing at Nailsea.

George Osborne, aged 16, went over the bonnet of the silver Peugeot convertible and his specialist BMX bike was flung five foot in the air.

His mother Tina said: "He could have been killed."

The incident happened on the crossing at the entrance of Tesco car park leading to the Millennium Park at Scotch Horn last Monday.

George told his parents he heard the passenger in the open top car say 'you've just hit someone' and another person in the background shouted 'are you all right?' but no-one came to help.

The teenager was halfway across the pedestrian crossing when he heard the noise of the engine but couldn't see any car lights.

George said it veered across to the right hand side of the road and hit him.

He said: "My bike ended up in the middle of the yellow no entry markings near the Esso garage."

The bruised and battered former Nailsea School pupil managed to crawl to the side of the road and call his parents.

Police are checking CCTV images.

George who has won prizes for his BMX riding skills at Nailsea Community Skate Festival had been visiting friends at Golden Valley and was on his way home at around 9.40pm.

Tina, 51, who ran an antique and bric-a-brac shop from their Silver Street home for 12-years, said: "We can't believe this has happened – he is lucky he wasn't killed, a split second later he would have been under the wheels.

"It was dark, the garage was open but no-one came out to help our son.

"We are hoping someone will come forward – it is a very distinctive car and it is going to have a dent in the bonnet."

George remembers the car was fairly new and has alloy wheels with a black centre and thinks two 20-something males were in the vehicle which was travelling on the wrong side of the road when it hit him.

His bike has metallic paint scratches from the car.

George is badly bruised on his shoulder and back, has cuts on arm and says the base of his spine is very sore and his big toe is swollen.

Tina added: "Luckily he didn't hurt his head. His body took the full impact when he rolled off bonnet.

"There is no excuse for driving off and leaving a young man lying in the road.

"His dad Simon who is a window cleaner is disgusted to think someone would do this.

"George has been going over it in his mind and keeps thinking about what could have happened."

Police confirmed they were called to a collision on Monday evening at High Street between a young cyclist and the silver Peugeot.

A spokesman said: "The vehicle didn't stop at the scene."

They are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to call 0845 456 7000 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 hotline that can be used to pass on information about anonymously.



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    I perhaps should make it clear that I do feel sorry that the lad got hurt and of course no-one actually deserves to go through such a nasty experience. I also agree with you Tableware that there is, of course, no excuse for the driver not stopping and it's a pretty good indicator that they were doing something wrong.

    Even though my earlier comment was perhaps a little OTT, I still feel the lad hasn't helped himself by being so hard to see at night.

    By TheLastMinute at 00:12 on 31/08/11

  • Profile image for siarad2

    Feel sorry for him & family but what's a cyclist doing on a pedestrian crossing, not that it's an excuse for being hit.
    I've never understood the silly markings on them, they should be diagonal stripes to produce a fast moving interference pattern to catch the eyes.

    By siarad2 at 22:02 on 30/08/11

  • Profile image for TABLEWARE

    Well there is always one isn't there??!!

    I suppose if it had been an elderly person knocked down you would have been full of sympathy!!
    Whatever this young lad should or shouldn't have had on his bike (AND HIS HEAD) there can never be a reason to leave someone lying in the road (for all the driver knew, fatally injured) after a collision.

    What a disgusting low-life this driver is; roll on the day he/she is caught and publicly shamed!
    And what a terrible ordeal for this boy and his family, one which I am sure they will all re-live for a very long time.................

    By TABLEWARE at 17:32 on 30/08/11

  • Profile image for TheLastMinute

    On bike, at night, with no lights, no reflectors, riding across a pedestrian crossing - I'm almost temped to say he got what he deserved.

    By TheLastMinute at 17:15 on 30/08/11

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