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Clevedon Town (home v Bishop's Cleeve) from: Castanheira, Stephenson, Kapika, Teale, Kingdon, B Murray, Walker, Adams, Stone, Jack, Hussain, Ricketts, Robbins, Mills, Medjedoub, Murray, Fisher, Prendergast, Best, Williams, Swift.

Mangotsfield Utd (home v Poole Town) from: Sawyer, Arndale, Lamb, Marshall, Dunn, Thorne, Parinello, Bennett, Tooze, Turley, Swabey, Hopkinson, Whittington, Klein-Davies, Hunt, Duharty, Bath, Winter, Thomas.

Paulton Rovers (home v Yate Town) from: Phillips, Pearson, Mapstone, Brice, Rich, Miller, Loxton, Lacey, Cleverley, Osman, McCootie.

Yate Town (away v Paulton Rovers) from: Dempsey, Warren, Cox, Purnell, Bryant, Thomas, Wring, Groves, Vahid, Page, Hiroli, Knighton, Harmer, Meaker, Cousins, Price, Sarr, Ancin.


Tytherington Rocks (away v Lydney Town) from: Freeman, Nelson, White, Wood, Smythe, Colbourne, Baker, Mooney, Taylor, Newman, Chapman, Emery, Criddle, Lecrass, Chiles.


Bishop Sutton (home v Cadbury Heath) from: Clarke, Payne, Allen, Winter, Loader, Andrews, Lock, Sheppard, Farmer, Holly, Shallcross, Durrant, Downes, Metters, Hawkins, Smart, Hailston, Whittaker.

Cadbury Heath (from): Crawford, Lebiedz, Fletcher, Chandler, Scott, Hallett, Abraham, James, Maloney, Huxley, Dyer, Duggan, Tong, Cherry, Parsons, Golding, Boon.

Bitton (away v Cheddar) from: Alexander, Llama, Knapman, Jones, Crowley, Lloyd, Williams, Romdhane, Salter, O'Connor, Thompson, Langdon, Parker.

Brislington (home v Bridport) from: Humphries, Hale, Davies, Barrett, Hughes, Knapman, Rimmer, Meacham, J Peart, Knight, Lambert, Mahdi, Moss, Gingell, Dyer, Peters.

Bristol Manor Farm (away v Odd Down) from: Ballard, Rees, Dunn, Bowle, Turner, Jones, Chandler, Camm, Knight, Trott, Feltham, White, J Williams, Edwards-Samuels, Henderson-Hudson.

Hallen (home v Keynsham) from: Burgess, Williams, Senior, Bennett, Wiltshire, Davis, Boulton, Barnes, Andrews, Cook, Morgan, Collett, George, Berossa, Yeo.

Keynsham from: Fear, Beak, Maye, Marshall, Spiller, Sheriton, Lewis, Lipinski, Ingram, Davison, Brain, Pearce, Arberry, Bruton, Kingdon, Healey, Roberts.

Hengrove Ath (home v Shrewton) from: McFarlane, Crewe, Avetisyan, B Dunn, Saunders, Maggs, Williams, Barwood, Brimble, White, Tobin, Charlton, Fear, Lewis, Bament, Briggs, J Dunn, Hickery, Kington.

Longwell Green (home v Elmore) from: D Jackson, P Jackson, Edwards, Pocock, Bryant, Cartledge, Grimshaw, Stevens, Parnell, Crew, Hardiman, Welling, A Summers, Tilley, Cole, Gardiner, Dew, Thomas, Dauncey, Stone, Vawn, Downes.

Oldland (away v Larkshall) from: A Bryan, Smith, L Bryan, Woodford, Baker, Brown, Kary, Britton, Thatcher, Fudgell, Pollinger, Wilson, Bamford, Coombs, Morgan.

Roman Glass (away v Street) from: Mason, Bebbington, Crossland, James, J Johnson, Cole, J Lee, K Lee, Bell, Hudd, Burton, Mansfield, Menear, Rendall, Coles, S Johnson, Danaher

Winterbourne United (home v Corsham) from: Simsek, de Wit, Davenport, Peckham, Ward, Felix, Perry, White, Maidstone, Pitcher, Hopson, Vile, Dowdell, England, Poole, Luton, Watts, Wilson.


Portishead Town (away v Shepton Mallet) from: Bawn, Hatfield, Brice, Charman, Hughes, Truman, Marsden, Mapstone, Clarke, Benn, Dunn, Kelly, Davis, O'Reilly, Aldom, Steadman, Gill.


DRG Frenchay (home v Ellwood) from: Francis, Connor, Handisides, House, Graham, W Gregory, Millard, Godfrey, Burrell, Douglas, Allen, J Powell, Tarling, McArthur, McCarthy, Planter, L Powell, J Maynard, Cox.

Hanham Athletic (home v Thornbury Tn) from: Fletcher, Allen, Tottle, Burton, Saddler, D Burt, Baber, Shipman, Morris, Pratten, Grinter, Moore, Phillips, Vickery, Taylor.

Thornbury Town (away v Hanham Athletic) from: A Lippiatt, N Irwin, Sage, Fowler, Webb, S Thompson, Viner, R Lippiatt, Greenland, D Thompson, Alexander, C Irwin, Willott, Andrews, Morgan.

Rockleaze Rangers (away v Longlevens) from: Burgess, Frangoullis, Day, Newton-Smith, Pomfret, Lear, N Simons, Herran-Boix, Cinicola, West, Lakey, Davis, Budding, Rivers, Bray, Beadle, Nunn, Bryer, Fearon.

Patchway Town (home v Southmead CS Athletic) from: Alford, Chinnick, Barnes, Stoneham, Webb, Drew, Tovey, Benjamin, Lloyd, Palmer, Webb, Davies, Purdy, Bendall, Davies.

Southmead CS Athletic (away v Patchway Tn) from: Gribble, Bayford, Booth, Coghlan, Fry, Glancy, Pope, Dale Simpson, Sivers, Storr, Sykes, Caswell, Coote, Massey, Williams, Danny Simpson, Randall.

Chipping Sodbury Tn (away v Bishop's Cleeve Reserves) from: Mead, Reese, Harding, Dempsey, Hackett, Davidge, Fox, Totterdell, Hughes, England, Coombes, B Hemmings, R Hemmings, Cattle, Maby.

Yate Tn Res (home v Tuffley Rovers) from: Freeman, Dunn, Tucker, Waldron, Parker, Cousins, Smallman, Andrews, Belton, Clement, Nicholls, Sarr, Monelle, Ferguson, Murelly.


Ashton & Backwell Utd (away v Weston St Johns) from: Robins, Broad, Seager, Reid, Davey, Abood, Dicker, Thomas, Nicholls, Crooks, Delaney, Billatery, Skidmore, Bud, Jones, Smith, Rendall.

Clevedon Utd (home v Odd Down Res) from: Hemmingsley, Woodland, Gregory, Lee, Harris, Pennington, Gibson, Greenslade, Brown, Barnes, N Lee, Cook.

Cutters Friday (away v Shirehampton) from: Justin, Monk, Spill, C Coleman, Saunders, Bending, Britton, Blackmore, Churches, Pitman, T Coleman, Power, Greenslade, Sheppard, Werrett, Guest.

Nailsea Tn (home v Cleeve West Tn) from: Smyth, Chisholm, Wright, S Pilgrim, G Freeman, Press, Purnell, Cook, Gregory, Pool, Turner, Cosham.

Nailsea Utd (away v Stockwood Green) from: Kendall, J Lee, M Long, Taylor, Springett, Hope, S Lester, Wallington, Lawrence, Brown, Wilmott, Rowcliffe, Goodwin, S Lee, S Long.

Shirehampton (home v Cutters Friday) from: Manis, D McCall, M McCall, R McCall, Morne, Tanner, Rawlings, Robinson, Hewitt, Bamford, Cook.

Stockwood Green (home v Nailsea Utd) from: Hare, Oppery, Carter, Smith, James, I Sullyman, Millard, Roberts, Cook, Weller, Lee, Ratcliffe, Brain, Weston, Hawkins, Jones.

St George EiG (away v Ilminster Town) from: Godbey, D Hill, Ramana, Lewis, Riggs, S Wilcox, M Wilcox, A Bell, T Bell, Packham, Scaffee, Hicks.



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